Portable Appliance Testing

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Pat-Pic-IMG_3503_01-sizedThe Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulation 2007 places a responsibility on company owners and managers to ensure that their Portable Electrical Appliances are safe for employees and visitors/guests to use.

The best way to prove that equipment is safe is to have it tested by qualified and experienced inspectors using calibrated test meters and supplying documented evidence of test results.

LJS can help you to make your business a safer place and comply with these important regulations.

We will carry out:

  • Earth continuity tests – class 1 appliances and extension leads.
  • Substitute leakage current tests on all appliances and ext. leads.
  • Insulation Resistance tests on all appliances and extension leads.
  • 15 point Formal visual inspection of all appliances and leads.
  • All appliances and leads will be individually numbered and labelled.
  • A Full Test Report for all appliances will be issued.
  • A separate Remedial Works and Fail Report will be issued.
  • Certification of tested appliances.
  • We also report separately to you on any other electrical issues that we notice.